Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Couple of Aged Posts

Actually, two links to two posts (courtesy of instapundit) on the massive positive benefits to the US economy (aside from the obvious benefits to the individuals themselves!).  First, an article at PBS Newshour suggests:
One key study finding suggests that it might be possible to extend human lifespans while simultaneously reducing the prevalence of diseases like heart disease and cancer. If humans could age more slowly, it might be possible to delay the onset and progression of fatal diseases as well as add an additional 2.2 years onto a person’s life. This means that people would not only live longer, but remain healthier in their older years.
And from a news release from the University of Southern California:
On the heels of an announcement from Google that the company’s next startup, Calico, will tackle the science of aging, a new study showed that research to delay aging and the infirmities of old age would have better population health and economic returns than advances in individual fatal diseases such as cancer or heart disease.
With even modest gains in our scientific understanding of how to slow the aging process, an additional 5 percent of adults over the age of 65 would be healthy rather than disabled every year from 2030 to 2060, revealed the study in the October issue of Health Affairs.