Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who Was Romulus Augustus?

He was the Emperor at the helm when the Western Roman Empire fell on this day, 1538 years ago (Sept. 4, 476AD).  According to Wikipedia,
Romulus Augustus (born perhaps around 460 – died after 476, possibly alive around 500), was a usurper reigning over the Western Roman Empire from 31 October 475 until 4 September 476. His deposition by Odoacer traditionally marks the end of the western empire, the fall of ancient Rome, and the beginning of the Middle Ages in Western Europe.
Though apparently just a nickname, I've always loved the historical symmetry of his name, Romulus Augustus.  Romulus was, of course, the name of the victorious brother and the founder of Rome; Augustus was the name of the first Roman Emperor.  Put them together and you get the name of the last Roman Emperor.  Kind of a cool historical happenstance. [Ok, so I'm a history dork!]