Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday is Quiz Time at OLS!

As always, click the hyper-links to find the answers to the questions below:

I.  T/F The average annual pay for a professor at Harvard is 15% lower than the average annual pay for a US CEO.

II.  Which one of the three statements below is false?
a.  A recent Gallup poll reports that an all-time low of 40% of respondents have a great deal of     confidence in the US news media to report facts fairly and accurately
b.  K-12 students are three times more likely to be hit by lightening in any given year than they are to be a homicide victim at school.
c.  In terms of employee living expenses, the most expensive city for corporations to locate to is Hong Kong.

III.   In a recent poll by the Physicians Foundation, ___________% gave Obamacare either a "D" or "F" grade.
   a.  25%
   b.  46%
   c.  65%
   d.  75%

IV.  In possibly the single most important battle in the history of Western Civilization,  2494 years ago this week (480BC), the legendary Greek general Themistocles led a coalition of Greek city-states to an impossible victory over the Persians and their leader, Xerxes I, at the Battle of _________.
[Hint: It was not Marathon.]