Monday, September 8, 2014

(Related Update and Re-post): Weekend Links

Related Update:  In the fourth entry below in the original posting, I linked to an excellent interview with Jason Riley discussing the themes in his most recent book (which I have since bought, read, enjoyed, and now recommend!).  Below is another video with Riley, this time from the folks at  It, too, is excellent and definitely worth the 20 minute effort.

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Original post (6/20/14):
"If Colleges Can't Handle Protests, Who Can?"  Great question.

Highly influential libertarian legal scholar (and OLS hero!) Richard Epstein analyzes the important, recent victory for California students against the corrupt policies of their teachers unions.  As always with Epstein, you need to screw on your braincap; but as always, you'll be wiser for the effort.

Dominick Armentano states it bluntly and accurately: "Redistribution is theft."

Here's a great response to a good question taken from an excellent interview with black intellectual and social commentator, Jason Riley:
Is there a disconnect between black leadership and the black underclass?
Riley: There is a huge disconnect between black elites and the people they claim to represent. The NAACP supports minimum wage laws, which fuel black unemployment among younger and less-experienced job-seekers. It blocks Walmart from opening stores in depressed neighborhoods that need the jobs. It opposes school vouchers that would give poor families access to better schools. The list is long. 

This is a must read article.  BTW, I just bought his latest book.