Saturday, September 6, 2014

Multiculturalism: It's Not About Tolerance

James Delingpole is one of my favorite political commentators because he has no fear, pulls no punches, and has no patience for political correctness.  I've linked to many of his articles attacking the climate alarmists in the past, and here I feature his most recent article, "Multiculturalism: What the Left Would Prefer You Didn't Know".  Here's a good example of Delingpole doing his thing:
Multiculturalism is a very specific political philosophy which could scarcely be further removed from the idea that we should live in one big, happy, multi-ethnic melting pot and all just get along. That's because it means the exact opposite. It's about separatism, not integration.
If your knowledge and understanding of the concept multi-culturalism is limited, I strongly suggest you read this article.  Delingpole is spot-on with his analysis.   [ht: NotPC]