Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Epstein on Paul on Pacifism

OLS monster hero Richard Epstein has a must-read article out discussing the "fatal pacifism" of minor OLS hero, Rand Paul.  I think, and whole-hardheartedly agree with Epstein, that the libertarian tendency towards isolationism is not tenable in today's geo-political environment. Consequently,  I also believe, as do the Randians, that the concept of pro-active self-defense is a necessary position.  Here's an excerpt from Epstein's essay:
For my entire professional life, I have been a limited-government libertarian. The just state should, in my opinion, protect private property, promote voluntary exchange, preserve domestic order, and protect our nation against foreign aggression. Unfortunately, too many modern libertarian thinkers fail to grasp the enormity of that last obligation. In the face of international turmoil, they become cautious and turn inward, confusing limited government with small government. Unwisely, they demand that the United States keep out of foreign entanglements unless and until they pose direct threats to its vital interests—at which point it could be too late.

The most vocal champion of this position is Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul has been against the use of military force for a long time. Over the summer, he wrote an article entitled “America Shouldn’t Choose Sides in Iraq’s Civil War,” for the pages of the Wall Street Journal arguing that ISIS did not threaten vital American interests. Just this past week, he doubled down on this position, again in the Journal, arguing that the past interventions of the United States in the Middle East have abetted the rise of ISIS.
Paul 's foreign policy views likely spell doom for any Presidential aspirations he has, certainly for 2016.  Fortunately, the way I see it, we can have the Paulian domestic agenda without the Paulian foreign policy: his name is Ted Cruz.