Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Inconvenient Fact for NFL-Haters

Who are mostly progressive types ramping up the "War on Women" nonsense in an effort to prepare battleground space for Hillary's run for President in 2016.  Specifically, what I'm referring to is that, despite the revelations over the last few weeks of various forms of domestic violence and abuse perpetrated by star NFL football players, the reality is that NFL athletes are substantially less likely to be guilty of domestic violence that is the general public.  From an article at RealClearScience:
The media onslaught of updates, analysis, and opinion on what has been called the National Football League's "worst week ever" leaves a distinct impression: the NFL is a league stocked full of criminals.
Evidence, however, doesn't bear that out.
Back in 1999, leading criminologist Alfred Blumstein teamed up with author Jeff Benedict, who has written five books focused on crime and athletics, to compare rates of criminal violence among NFL players to that of the general population. Controlling for age, they found that the annual rate of assault and domestic violence among NFL players was less than half that of the general population.
Click here to learn more about this and another, more recent study confirming the Blumstein findings. Another inconvenient fact, also noted in the article, is that the crime rate of NFL players is only 13% of that of the general public.  Given this info, to my mind anyway, it's annoying that the NFL doesn't try to defend itself and more strongly than it does -- it sort of just rolls over when public pressure ramps up.