Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Anti-Women Myths

Actually, I'm referring to an article in Time by Christina Hoff Sommers entitled "5 Feminist Myths that Will Not Die".  These myths, though propped up and propounded by leftist "feminists", actually harm the cause of real women everywhere.  So kudos to Sommers for having none of it.  Here's an excerpt from Myth 3 in her article:
MYTH 3: In the United States, 22%–35% of women who visit hospital emergency rooms do so because of domestic violence.
FACTS: ...
The Atlas provides no primary source, but the editor of Domestic Violence Law cites a 1997 Justice Department study, as well as a 2009 post on the Centers for Disease Control website. But the Justice Department and the CDC are not referring to the 40 million women who annually visit emergency rooms, but to women, numbering about 550,000 annually, who come to emergency rooms “for violence-related injuries.” Of these, approximately 37% were attacked by intimates. So, it’s not the case that 22%-35% of women who visit emergency rooms are there for domestic violence. The correct figure is less than half of 1%.