Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Is the Real Blight on the Planet?

Several days ago, Ari Armstrong at the indispensible blog The Objective Standard penned an op-ed that cuts to the core of the motivation truly underlying the environmentalist movement: hatred of humanity.  Here's the opening paragraph:
Although environmentalists sometimes couch their policies in terms of improving the world for human benefit—if they didn’t they wouldn’t get much cultural or political traction—fundamentally the environmentalist movement regards humankind as a blight on the earth whose productive activities are inherently immoral.
And consider this excerpt:
To take just two of innumerable examples, David Attenborough calls for human population control on the grounds that humans “are a plague on the Earth,” while David Graber openly condemns placing human happiness and fecundity above “a wild and healthy planet” and hopes “for the right virus to come along” to solve the “problem.”
And under the category of "you can't make this stuff up", read how enviros now want to engineer humans to be shorter and smaller as a means of reducing their impact on the environment.   And when you finished the essay, you'll be able to correctly answer the title question of this post.