Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Links

"Washington policymakers are bracing for a wave of corporations to renounce their U.S. citizenship over the next few months, depriving the federal government of billions of dollars in tax revenue and stoking public outrage ahead of the Nov. 4 congressional elections."  Let's hope the voters take it out on the politicians in November.

How long do you take to make a judgement about someone's trustworthiness? Less than 1 second, apparently.

If you can invest an hour this weekend, here's a good way to spend it: Retired environmental scientist and man-made global warming skeptic Tim Ball gives a great interview on a wide range of topics about the sorry state of environmentalism and its politicization.

I've blogged about secession a couple of times in the past (see here, for an example); here I link to an article from earlier this summer from historian Tom DiLorenzo entitled the "Jeffersonian Secessionist Tradition".