Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Night Quiz

Match the the three statements from Recent Rasmussen poll results with the correct percentages below.
a. Percentage of respondents of believe America is basically unfair and discriminatory
b. Percentage of respondents that believe the US is winning the War on Drugs
c. Percentage of respondents that  do not believe English should be the official language of America
1. 32%
2. 3%
3. 10%

Over the seven year period 2007-13, the business category "US Restaurants and Other Eating Places" had an average net profit margin of approximately ___________% per year.
a.   21%
b.  17%
c.  12%
d.  7%
e.  2%

Twenty years ago today (8.14.94), this notorious terrorist was arrested by the Sudanese and turned over to French officials. He's been imprisoned in France ever since. Who is he? [Hint: Think English Actor Edward Fox]

[ht: Carpe Diem; DrudgeReport]