Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday NIght is Quiz Time at OLS!

1.  Two thousand years ago this week (August 19th, 14AD) the first Roman Emperor died.  Who was he?

2.  According to the Tax Foundation, the US state (excluding D.C.) where $100 dollars is worth the least amount in terms of purchasing power is ______________.  In this state, compared to the national average, $100 is worth only $85.32.
a.  Hawaii
b.  New York
c.  Illinois
d.  California
e.  Maryland

3.  According to a recent poll, ___________% of Americans have saved nothing towards their retirement.  (Consider you answer correct if you get within 10% in either direction).

4.  What percentage of Fortune 500 firms in 1955 are still in the Fortune 500 in 2014? (Consider your answer correct if you get within 7% in either direction).

[ht: instapundit; Carpe Diem]