Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday NIght at the Quizzes!!

1.   On August 7th, 1782 -- 232 years ago today -- General George Washington created the first United States military award for soldiers injured in battle.  At the time, it was known as the  Badge of Military Merit but is now known as the ________________________.

2.  Approximately, what percentage of the total amount of mass in our solar system is accounted for by the sun?
a.  51%
b. 74%
c.  100%
d.  10%
e.   25%

3.  Which of the following statements is false?
a.   In a recent WSJ/NBC poll, Obama's approval numbers reached an all-time low.
b.   In a recent WSJ/NBCpoll, 3X as many Democrats feel Israel is justified in its response to Hamas than feel Israel is not justified.  Conversely, by 47 to 31%, Republicans feel that Israel is not justified in its response to Hamas. 
c.   In a recent Pew Research survey, American respondents reported higher numbers of approval of Mormons than with Atheists.