Sunday, August 10, 2014

This is Great News!

OLS readers know that one of my favorite current philosophers is Stephen Hicks.  Apparently, Hicks has signed on to do a series of articles at the website Every Joe (big hat tip to Peter Cresswell for showing me the way) under the title, "The Good Life".  Here's an excerpt from his first entry in the series where he wonders if philosophers are incompetent when it comes to politics:
But now consider their political views:

Sartre defended Marxist-Stalinism long after the revelations of just how murderous that regime had been.

Heidegger was a member of the National Socialist party the year Adolf Hitler came to power and never recanted his beliefs in the theory and practice of Nazism. (He lived until 1976.)

Russell, over the course of a long career, consistently blamed the United States for most of the world’s problems and in a lecture suggested that it might be better if the Nazis won World War II.

So there’s a natural question: Is there something wrong with philosophers?
I'm definitely excited about this development!