Sunday, August 3, 2014


Heartland Institute president Joseph Bast takes the author of a recent article attacking man-made global warming skeptics to task for her amazing ignorance of the topic.  And along the way, he provides his readers with a brief lesson on a range of enviro issues.  Here's an excerpt:
Beinecke claims the number of global warming skeptics is “dwindling rapidly.” No doubt she wishes that were the case, if only to keep the NRDC’s direct mail machine humming and generating the millions of dollars that support her and her staff.

In fact, the American people have figured out that global warming is not a crisis. They are increasingly calling for the repeal of the taxes, regulations and subsidies passed at the height of the global warming scare. The same backlash against global warming extremism is occurring in other nations around the world, most recently in Australia, where the Senate voted to repeal a hated carbon tax.
Click here to read the entire Las Vegas Sun article.  [ht: NotPC]