Monday, August 4, 2014

Good on you, Jon Voight!

Periodically, I'll post here at OLS on the hypocrisy and ignorance that regularly emanates from the liberal/leftist hive that is Hollywood.  Recently, I noticed a story about a letter John Voight wrote in which he lambasts several popular stars for their incredible ignorance about the ongoing Israel-Hamas battle in the Middle East.  Silently I applauded Voight for his efforts, but it wasn't until I read the letter on NotPC that I realized how truly awesome his missive really was.  So I decided to make a post out of it.  Here's an excerpt that should entice you to read the full letter, which is available here:
You have forgotten how this war started. Did Hamas not kidnap and kill three young teenagers for the sake of killing, and celebrated after the killing? What a travesty of justice.
I am asking all my peers who signed that poison letter against Israel to examine their motives. Can you take back the fire of anti-Semitism that is raging all over the world now?
You have been able to become famous and have all your monetary gains because you are in a democratic country: America. Do you think you would have been able to accomplish this in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, et cetera? You had a great responsibility to use your celebrity for good. Instead, you have defamed the only democratic country of goodwill in the Middle East: Israel.
You should hang your heads in shame. You should all come forth with deep regrets for what you did, and ask forgiveness from the suffering people in Israel.
Jon Voight is now an OLS hero.