Friday, August 15, 2014

Everything He Touches Turns To....

... well, not gold, as OLS hero Victor Davis Hanson emphatically shows us in his most recent article for PJ Media.  It's an absolute bomb lobbed at Obama and, since its VDH, it's a direct, brutual hit and, best of all, just so much fun to read!  Here's an excerpt:
At home? Obama has wrecked our healthcare system. Every promise about the Affordable Care Act proved an outright lie. No one can define Obamacare or explain how it is supposed to work. In fact, no one really even tries any more.

The budget? Obama’s legacy is $8 trillion more in debt, chronic 6% to 7%-plus unemployment as the new norm, and the idea that trillion is the new billion, as a $600 billion annual deficit is proof of fiscal responsibility and sermons on “growing inequality” reflect Obama’s record of creating record inequality. Zero percent interest rates ensure Wall Street zillionaires, the impoverishment of the once thrifty middle class — and the idea that saving money is stupid, owing it and not paying it back smart.

Students and college? One trillion dollars in collective debt buys a politicized college education to put twenty-somethings in a job market where 60% of newly minted BAs find jobs. Student debt is the new housing bubble, but at least a roof is more valuable for a time than a sociology degree.
There is so much more of value in this must-read article; click here to access it.