Monday, August 4, 2014

Contempt for the Contemptuous

Glenn Reynolds's column today in the USA Today looks at the power, and corruption, of the public servants in the Obama Administration and doesn't like what he sees.  Specifically, he uses the CIA spying on Congress scandal and the IRS debacle as examples of the contempt Obama and his minnions have for constitutional restraints and congressional authority.  Here's an excerpt:
"...Gen. David Petraeus, was cut loose over an extramarital affair. Does this mean that the White House views spying on, and lying to, members of Congress as less serious than an affair?

The answer to that, alas, is probably "yes." Contempt for Congress, and for separation of powers and historical understandings about the roles of the executive and legislative branches, has been a hallmark of the Obama administration. It's not surprising that in such an atmosphere, CIA operatives would feel comfortable snooping on the Senate, and that a CIA director would feel confident issuing blanket denials when questioned.