Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Collectivism vs. Individualism

Superficially, both sound good; in reality, one kills, and the other promotes human freedom, progress, and happiness.  Progressivism is collectivism; classical liberalism is individualism.  Here's an excerpt from the latest entry in the Foundation for Economic Freedom's valuable series, Cliches of Progressivism:
Take individuals out of the equation and you take the humanity out of whatever you’re promoting. What you’d never personally inflict on your neighbor, one on one, you might happily sanction if you think it’ll be carried out by some faceless, collective entity to some amorphous blob on behalf of some nebulous “common good.” The inescapable fact is that we are not interchangeable. Cogs in a machine are, but people most emphatically are not. 
This is a must-read article.  So much so that I'm making it required reading for my undergrads this fall semester.