Saturday, July 26, 2014

We'll Just Keep an Eye on This

Maybe two.  Anyway, not sure whether this is slightly morbid and scary, but I am sure this is amazingly amazing (I've been told I have a way with words!):
Last week Google and Novartis announced that they’re teaming up to develop contact lenses that monitor glucose levels and automatically adjust their focus. But these could be just the start of a clever new product category. From cancer detection and drug delivery to reality augmentation and night vision, our eyes offer unique opportunities for both health monitoring and enhancement.
One of the Novartis-Google prototype lenses contains a device about the size of a speck of glitter that measures glucose in tears. A wireless antenna then transmits the measurements to an external device. It’s designed to ease the burden of diabetics who otherwise have to prick their fingers to test their blood sugar levels.
 Click here to read this fascinating development over at MIT Review. [ht: Glenn Reynolds]