Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night!

1.  The recent results of a Gallup survey assessing American's perceptions of personal freedom, indicated that the respondents in all of the following countries except ___________ had higher perceptions of personal freedom than American respondents.
a.  Australia
b.  New Zealand
c.  Paraguay
d.  Rwanda
e.  All four of the countries above scored higher on perceptions of personal freedom.

2.   T/F  The recent National Labor Relations Board case ruling by the US Supreme Court marked the 20th time that the Supremes have unanimously rejected an Obama Administration arguement.  This number of unanimously rejected cases is higher than the amount of such decisions against the Clinton Administration at the same point in Clinton's tenure, but lower than the amount of such decisions against the Bush Administration at the same point in Bush's tenure.

3.  In 1754, two hundred and sixty years ago today, the Battle of Fort Necessity was fought and won by the French and Indians against the British.  The surrendering commander of the British in this battle, one of the first in the French and Indian War, was ____________.  (Two hints: a) he's a massively famous and important part of American history, and b) he was from Virgina).