Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday NIght at the Quizzes

1.  Which one of the following statements concerning recent polling results is false?
a.   According to Rasmussen, 67% of Americans believe the country is more divided now than it was just 4 years ago under Obama.
b.  A survey from the Center for Disease Control found that 13% of males and 11% of females self-disclosed as either homosexual or bi-sexual.
c. In a poll conducted by CNN, 35% of  Americans say they or someone they know has been made worse by Obamacare, whereas 18% say that they or someone they know has been made better off by Obama.
d. Gallup reported that 74% of Americans are against lowering the drinking age from 21.

2.  In 1894, 120 years ago this week (Tuesday), the world's first ever auto race was conducted.  In which country did it take place?
a.  Germany
b.  United States
c.  France
d.  England

3.   T/F Despite popular misconceptions, the fact is that research has strongly shown IQ tests are not biased against blacks or any other group of minorities in our country.