Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Night at the Quizzes

1.   Over the last 40 years, the world's poverty rate has:
a. increased substantially
b. increased slightly
c. stayed about the same
d. decreased slightly
e.  decreased substantially

2.  Since December of 2007, Texas has added a net of over 1,000,000 jobs.  Since December of 2007, California has added a net of ______________ jobs.
a.   2,000,000
b.   1,500,000
c.   500,000
d.   50,000
e.   25,000

3.  A recent survey based on a list compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists revealed that _________ was the most science friendly US President ever.
a.   Obama
b.   Lincoln
c.   Eisenhower
d.   Nixon
e.   FDR

4.   T/F  In the United States today, the overwhelming majority of "poor" households have at least one car, air conditioning, more than one cell phone, cable TV, a CD player, at least one high-tech TV, and more than minimal levels of healthy food and housing.

[ht: Carpe Diem;]