Monday, July 28, 2014

This Definitely Annoys the Enviros

So it makes me happy, of course! It's the result of a worldwide survey by Ipsos MORI that contained several questions relating to perceptions of man-made global warming and the role of governments on this issue.  An inspiring 58% of respondents across a wide range of countries around the globe believe that the topic is just an excuse to give governments power to raise taxes and grow larger.  From a post on the survey at The Global Warming Policy Foundation:
The survey respondents also strongly endorsed the idea that “the government is just using environmental issues as an excuse to raise taxes”, with 58 per cent in agreement and just 31 per cent disagreeing worldwide. The only countries in the survey where people actually disagreed were Italy and Sweden. Brits and Americans concurred with the notion of green tax plundering, but not as strongly as most nations: Spain, France and Belgium were the places that really got behind the idea.
There's more of interest at the link.