Sunday, July 13, 2014

SUSY on Life Support?

SUSY is short for the particle physics theory of everything known as supersymmetry, and as this excellent article from the BBC explains, it's current fame and popularity among quantum physicists is in serious jeopardy.  Here's an excerpt explaining the situation:
Next Spring, when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resumes its experiments, scientists will be looking for evidence of SUSY. It explains an awful lot that the current theory of particle physics does not. But there is a growing problem, provocatively expressed by Nobel Laureate George Smoot: "supersymmetry has got symmetry and it's super but there is no experimental data to suggest it is correct."

According to the simplest versions of the theory, supersymmetric particles should have been discovered at the LHC by now. One set of null results prompted Prof Chris Parkes, of the LHCb to quip: "Supersymmetry may not be dead but these latest results have certainly put it into hospital". 
If you're interested in such issues, then I strongly suggest you read this article.  It's a nice, concise, and understandable account of an important time for physicists. 
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