Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(Related Update): Think Sweatshops are Exploitative? Got 10 Minutes?

Related update (7/30/14):  Ben Powell, one of the leading advocates in America promoting the life-saving value of sweatshops (and he of the video below), has a new article out discussing the historical and economic context of sweatshops in the rise of living standards across the globe over the last 150 years.  Here's the abstract to his recent paper:
Before the advent of workplace safety regulations, factories with poor working conditions were often economic springboards of prosperity in the developed world. This lesson is vitally important for activists who want to improve the lives of sweatshop workers in developing countries today.
(Original post (2/16/13):  If you think that global sweatshops represent the pinnacle of capitalist greed and worker exploitation, then you need to spend 10 minutes watching these two videos: