Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recent Poll Results

There are have been some interesting poll results making the news rounds this week, so I thought maybe a post highlighting a few might prove valuable:

First, a plurality of respondents to a Quinnipac poll view Obama as the worst president since WWII.  Reflecting the strong polarization of our country, GWBush is second on the list, with Nixon third.  There's more of interest at the link.

Second, a Gallup poll shows that American's perceptions of their freedom has dropped dramatically since 2006.  This should surprise no one.

Third, and definitely noteworthy for both Hillary supporters and opponents, she polled under 50% for the first time.

And finally, a post over at Hot Air highlights the results of an IBD/TIPP survey that found Obama responsible for the immigration disaster, the Iraq crisis, and the IRS scandal.