Monday, July 7, 2014

Liberal Resentment of American Exceptionalism, and Is It Time for another 1776?

Here are excerpts from two intersting articles looking at the state of the US on this past July 4th.  First, from Forbes, Jerry Bowyer gives us some history and legal analysis while wondering out loud if we're moving towards another revolution:
238 years ago the principles of the Declaration found that the central government had lost the right to rule and called on the people to withdraw allegiance to it. Is that the case now? Even the most ardent believer in the American experiment (and I am a very ardent one) has to acknowledge that the verdict of history is that no state remains committed to liberty forever, which means that such a time will come again. The question is whether we are there now.
If Bowyer means literally now, July of 2014, then I don't think we're there yet.  But I do think by the year 2060, the United States of America will not exist as we now know it.

This next excerpt is from an interesting article by the always thoughtful Jonah Goldberg who discusses the liberal obsession with hating on American Exceptionalism:
Why liberals have become so comfortable running down America is no doubt complicated, but I think one part of the answer is obvious. Liberals tend to equate patriotism with the government. Obama was supposed to usher in a glorious new era of European-style big government. He’s failed, though alas not entirely. But in the attempt he aroused a populist movement — the tea parties — full of people who wore their traditional patriotism on their sleeves and tricorn hats. The forces of American exceptionalism proved formidable, taking advantage of our exceptional constitutional structure to thwart European social democracy.