Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GM: How's That Volt Electric Car Working Out For Ya?

Pretty much not at all.  Everyone knows that here in America, Volt sales are less than half what GM predicted they would be, and a mere fraction of the amount Obama thought would be roaming the American highways by now.  Seems that even in irrationally eco-friendly Europe, GM's flagstaff electric car can't sell.  Indeed, as an article from notes,
Sales of the Chevy Volt in the US have been fairly stable for the last few months (between a low of 1,478 and a high of 1,777 since March), but in Europe, the Opel Ampera (sister-vehicle of the Volt) has been trending downwards. The sales decline is prompting discussion that the vehicle will be killed off in Europe, according to Automotive News Europe.
The car was a relative hit back in 2012, when it was named the European Car Of The Year and sales topped 5,200 units. Compared to 2012 numbers, which were good, Ampera sales dropped 40 percent to fewer than 3,200 in 2013 despite a massive price cut.
They are down another 67 percent so far in 2014 and the car has sold just 332 units through the end of May.
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