Wednesday, July 2, 2014

F.I.R.E.: OLS Heroes of the First Rank

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is a national watchdog organization dedicated to stamping out violations of student rights on college campuses across the United States (see here for a previous OLS post on FIRE).  There are very aggressive in their efforts and have a staggeringly good track record of success.  Yesterday, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff announced that FIRE was embarking on a new, massive, proactive campaign:
he Foundation for Individual Rights in Education announced a major litigation effort Tuesday against universities that maintain clearly illegal speech codes. With help from the law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine, FIRE is suing several universities that manifestly and unconstitutionally deprive their students of First Amendment rights.

"Universities' stubborn refusal to relinquish their speech codes must not be tolerated," said FIRE President Greg Lukianoff during a press conference.

For now, suits have been filed against Ohio University, Iowa State University, Chicago State University, and Citrus College in California. These universities have all trampled students' free speech rights, according to FIRE.
Here's a link to FIRE's website; here's a link to their donation page. I contribute money and strongly assert that if you are looking to support an intellectual activist organization that actually makes a real difference, you can do no better than these heroes. [ht:]