Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Fat Load of Nonsense

The FDA's food pyramid and decades-old promotion of low-fat dieting has, of course, caused more harm than good, a fact that both the medical community and the mainstream media have started to publicly acknowledge.  As this article at explains, the incredible increase in obesity and diabetes in the US over the last several decades is due to diets low in fat but high in deadly carbohydrates:

The nutritional myth that saturated fat is bad for you continues to fall apart as a steady stream of new books and studies on this topic hit the media. The latest work to challenge the old dogma is a book called The Big Fat Surprise by journalist Nina Teicholz, interviewed above. Her book comes alongside new research that raises questions about the long-held but false belief that cardiovascular disease is related to fat and cholesterol intake.
Teicholz points out the flaws in the original Ancel Keys study; how saturated fat has been a healthy human staple for thousands of years, and how the low-fat craze has resulted in excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, which has resulted in increased inflammation and disease.1 Teicholz tells the Wall Street Journal:2
"There has never been solid evidence for the idea that these [saturated] fats cause disease. We only believe this to be the case because nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, politics, and bias."
There's a 20-minute video of Teicholz discussing her work at the link also. [ht:]