Saturday, July 19, 2014

5 Myths from Pop Psychology

Real Clear Science has an interesting article debunking 5 commonly accepted beliefs in the world of pop psychology.  The first of these, the erroneous view that IQ tests are biased against specific ethnic groups, has been known in the field to be wrong for at least 40 years.  So why does it persist?  Because it's not supportive of the politically correct narrative liberals and progressives want to force down our throats.  From the article:
Critics also argue that because certain minority groups systematically perform more poorly on IQ tests, the exams must also be biased against them. But science can analyze that claim, too...
When two panels -- one from the National Academy of Science and another from the American Psychological Association -- explored the issue of bias on IQ tests, they found no evidence that IQ tests underpredict performance among minorities.
Click here to read the other four myths.  Good article, worth while.