Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Time!

1.   Currently, there are five living US Presidents: Clinton, Carter, Bush the Elder (BE), Bush the Younger (BY), and Obama.  Which of the following correctly lists the order of popularity --  from most to least  -- of each according to a recent Gallup Poll?
a.  Clinton, BY, BE, Obama, Carter
b.  Clinton, BE, BY, Carter, Obama
c.  Obama, Clinton, BE, Carter, BY
d.  BY, BE, Clinton, Carter, Obama

2.  In the first column are the five largest businesses in each of the five states in the second column.  However, they are mixed up.  Can you place each organization in its correct state?

Nike                          Oklahoma
ExxonMobil               Georgia
Love's Travel Stops    Oregon
Home Depot              New York
Verizon                     Texas

3.  One hundred thirty eight years ago this week (yesterday, to be precise), General George Custer made his last stand.  What was the name of the battle and where did it take place?