Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Time!

1.  The first officially recorded baseball game using modern rules was played in Hoboken, NJ on this date, June 19th, ___________.
a.  1886
b.  1866
c.  1846
d.  1806
e.  1796

2. T/F  In the US, for the year 2013, more than 70% of automobile production occurred in non-union, right-to-work states.

3.  Texas has an economy so large that it's roughly the equivalent of what  country?  [Hint: what is the opposite of "up over"?]

4.  In 2008, 231 individuals gave up their American citizenship.  In 2013 the number was
a.   48
b.  161
c.  850
d.  1903
e.  2999

[hts: Carpe Diem]