Monday, June 2, 2014

Ten Short, Powerful Points Made by Climate Skeptics

Here's a short, insightful list of 10 points, questions actually, that skeptics of the global warming narrative find valuable in undermining the enviros viewpoint.  Here are the first two as an excerpt:
1) No Recent Warming. If global warming science is so “settled”, why did global warming stop over 15 years ago (in most temperature datasets), contrary to all “consensus” predictions?
2) Natural or Manmade? If we don’t know how much of the warming in the longer term (say last 50 years) is natural, then how can we know how much is manmade?
Follow this link to read more and see the rest of the list.  By the way, the author is Roy Spencer, a major player in the environmentalism field and man with a tremendous amount of intellectual honesty and courage.