Wednesday, June 11, 2014

(Related update): Three For Hillary!

Related update:  The on-going Benghazi scandal is going to be trouble for Hillary also, so it should be added to the three stories noted in the post below.  But what is also interesting in this particular Washington Post news article is that it describes a major liberal newscaster -- Diane Sawyer -- actually attacking Hillary on Benghazi!  Here's an excerpt:
The anchor continued pressing, asking Clinton whether the people might be seeking from her a “sentence that begins from you ‘I should have…’?” Clinton sort of ducked that one. The accountability-heavy moment came when Sawyer’s slow and steady line of questioning on Benghazi security prompted Clinton to utter this self-contradictory and sure-to-be-repeated statement: “I take responsibility, but I was not making security decisions.” [Emphasis Marc Street].

Original post (5/9/14): Three different stories over the last few days each highlighting a different potential problem for Hillary's presidential ambitions:

First, her state department failed to classify as terrorists the girl-stealing, al-Qaeda supporting Boko Haram when it had the chance.

Second, CNN worries that her recent anti-gun rights public disclosure could be a huge problem in the future.

And third, Laura Ingraham correctly points out that, together, the Clinton's have been a major propagator of the real "War on Women".