Tuesday, June 17, 2014

(Related update): OLS Hero: Tim Groseclose

Related update:  Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame hosts a video series entitled Instavision.  The current edition featured Tim Goseclose discussing his most recent book (see original post below) as well as discussing a variety of related topics involving malfeasance in academia.  Here's the 13-minute video which I highly recommend you watch if you're interested in this area.  Pay particular attention to the issues Reynolds' raises starting at the 11:00 minute mark:

Original post (5/27/14):  Tim Groseclose is a political science professor at UCLA and he's a rare bird in academia.  Why?  Because he has the intellectual integrity, honesty, and courage to attack and disclose rampant liberal bias and corruption in the academy.  Here I offer you two examples as support:

First, here's a recent Fox News report site Groseclose's accusation that UCLA, though it is against the law, still employs race as a factor in its admission decision-making processes:
Public universities in California are barred from using race as a factor in admitting students, but a UCLA professor who once served on its admissions oversight team says he has proof they do it anyway.
While the first round of admissions consideration is handled fairly, African-American students are nearly three times as likely to make it out of the "maybe" pile than equally-qualified white students, and more than twice as likely as Asians, according to Tim Groseclose, a political science professor at the school and author of a new book titled, “Cheating: An Insider's Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA.”
“UCLA is using racial preferences in admissions,” Groseclose, who made his case using data from 2006-2009, told FoxNews.com.

And second, here's a video from Prager University in which Groseclose discusses recent research of his showing how powerful the liberal media bias is ( research for which he was roundly criticized and ostracized by his academic peers, by the way).