Monday, June 16, 2014

(Related update): Brat and the GOP Establishment

Related update:  The Chronicle of Higher Education carried an unlikely (the CHE is very liberal in its political orientation) story this past weekend examining the link between the Tea Party and an apparently significant sector of academia that supports and advocates for its views.  The impetus for this analysis is, of course, the recent historic upset victory of Dave Brat, who we highlighted in the post below and in this entry also.  Here's an intriguing excerpt from the CHE article:
Neil L. Gross, a co-editor of Professors and Their Politics, said there may be some good reasons that the Tea Party has gotten cozy with men from academe. The movement’s members risk having their ideas dismissed as irrational or unfounded, Mr. Gross said, so having a professor carry the torch lends "a veneer of academic respectability."
"It’s not surprising there would be support for Tea Party candidates that have higher-education credentials, that can make claims of having intellectual heft behind them," said Mr. Gross, a professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia.
Original post (6/13/14): On Wednesday I linked to three articles highlighting Dave Brat, the academic economist and political newbie who rocked the political world by beating Eric Cantor in the Virginia GOP primaries.  Here I offer an excerpt from an article by Ed Hudgins at The Atlas Society who suggests that the Republican Party can learn valuable lessons from Brat's victory:
In light of Cantor’s defeat, Establishment Republicans must understand that they are part of the problem, at best slowing the nation’s decline with their support of the current corrupt regime. They should remember that George W. Bush contributed to this regime with expansions of the welfare and regulatory state. They should remember the defeats of their standard-bearers McCain and Romney. And thus they should seek out and support principled candidates like Dave Brat.
Hudgins argues that there are really three factions in the GOP, and that Brat and the faction he represents are the best hope the country has to move towards more individual liberty and less government involvement in our lives.  It's definitely an interesting read.