Friday, June 27, 2014

(Related update 2): Poetic justice, NYC style...

Related update 2:  The final nail in Bloomberg's patently unconstitutional nannying symbol, the large soda ban:
New York's top state court made it official today: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city's Board of Health exceeded their authority in attempting to ban the sales certain kinds of sugary drinks from certain locations in sizes greater than 16 ounces. The ban is dead.
Click the link above for more, including a 90-second video aptly entitled "Soda jerk". 

Related update (7/31/13):  Yesterday, a NY appeals court smacked NYC Mayor Bloomberg with the legal equivalent of a full 2-liter bottle of soda when it unanimously ruled in support of an earlier trial court order halting Bloomberg's dictatorial soda ban. But, as Cato-at-Liberty legal expert Walter Olson explains, it was the basis for the ruling that is the most important -- and encouraging -- aspect of the decision:
Although the appeals court did not reach the issue of whether the Bloomberg rules were “arbitrary and capricious,” and although neither it nor Judge Tingling reached the underlying issues of individual consumer choice that are at stake, this was far more than just a “win on a technicality.” The rule that government agencies cannot overstep their lawfully granted powers is a vital one in protecting the liberty of the citizen. On this issue, and not this alone, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has acted more as a Napoleon issuing peremptory dictates than as an elected executive carrying out the will of legislators on the City Council and in Albany.
For more legal analysis on the decision, I suggest you check out Olson's work, here.

Original post:   NYC's punk mayor Mike Bloomberg got a dose of his own yesterday (HT: Instapundit):
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza today at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn. The owners of Collegno's Pizzeria say they refused to serve him more than one piece to protest Bloomberg's proposed soda ban,which would limit the portions of soda sold in the city.
Beautiful!  To celebrate, I'm thinking of throwing a huge pizza and soda party, featuring Colegno's Pizza and dozens of 2-liter to join me, Bloomberg?