Saturday, June 28, 2014

Legacies of WWI

In a recent post, I linked to an article that debunks ten common myths about World War 1.  Here, I link to an absolutely must read, keep, and explore feature put out by the Wall Street journal on 100 legacies from World War 1.  This is a history fan's delight, and I can't recommend it too highly! There are videos, amazing photos, detailed discussions of each legacy, just really great stuff.  Here's an example from the topic "Middle East" legacy:

The caption to this picture of XXXX praying at the Western Wall includes the following statement:
Much of today's conflict in the Middle East has its roots in contradictory promises made by colonial powers to different ethnic groups during WW1.
If you're interested in history (and you should be!) this is a superb product from WSJ. [ht: VLS].