Saturday, June 21, 2014

IRS Scandal Now Worse than Watergate?

I've argued for months that there is no comparison: the IRS debacle leaves Watergate in the scandal-laden dust, as it were.  And apparently Paul Bedard agrees.  Here's an excerpt from his article in the Washington Examiner yesterday:

The revelation that the computers of Internal Revenue Service workers, including Tea Party prober Lois Lerner, were erased of critical emails sought by lawmakers has elevated the affair to -- and maybe beyond -- an old familiar presidential scandal, Watergate.

“The IRS tea-party audit story isn't Watergate; it's worse than Watergate,” according to deputy Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Daniel Henninger.
“The Watergate break-in was the professionals of the party in power going after the party professionals of the party out of power. The IRS scandal is the party in power going after the most average Americans imaginable,” he added.
It's a fun (sort of) article and you can read it by clicking here.