Monday, June 23, 2014

"I Have a Right!"

Not always; in fact, not usually.  What am I talking about? Well, click here to read the 10th in a series of "Cliches of Progressivism" brought to us by the indispensible Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).  Here's an excerpt to entice you:
When progressives wish to expand the scope of government they often make a distinction between a “privilege” and a “right.” In this view, something is a privilege only if a person can acquire it through his own means; something is a right if government uses tax money or other coercive powers to provide it to individuals, irrespective of their means. Really important things, progressives say, ought to be rights, not privileges. Thus health care in America was once a privilege, but now it’s touted in both rhetoric and law as a right.
This is an important concept to understand, so I strongly urge you to read the article entirely and to think hard on its implications.  As a side note: I require students read this fallacy in my Business and Society course each semester.  It definitely helps open their eyes.