Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Europe Starting to Reject Nationalized Health Care?

Yes, says Hoover Institute Fellow Scott Atlas in a recent article inspired by the recent VA debacle that included long waiting lines and, essentially, rationed health care.  Americans need to get used to this since this is exactly what has happened all over Europe and will happen under Obamacare.  Interestingly, as Atlas points out, the tide may be turning in Europe:
The paradox is that America has been doubling down on government authority over healthcare with the Affordable Care Act, just as more and more European governments, including Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, have been forced by public outcry to address the unconscionable waits for care by introducing new laws. But it is even more essential for American voters to realize, and for our government leaders to acknowledge, what other countries are beginning to recognize all over the world. These governments have started to understand that the cure for their failed nationalized health systems is a shift to privatization. And citizens under government-dominated health systems are increasingly circumventing their own systems, pursuing private healthcare to solve the uniformly poor access to care and limited choices.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
This is an excellent, in-depth look at this topic and I highly recommend it!