Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Night is Quiz Night!

A.  Which of the following statements is false?
1.   In 2013 the Ivy League schools accepted about 9% of admission applications.  When Walmart opened it's newest store in DC, it hired less than 3% of its applicants.

2.   A recent research project conducted by two University of Indiana professors found that 4X as many mainstream reporters are Democrats than are Republicans.

3.   There is more sea ice in the Antarctic currently than at any other time since data was first gathered in 1979.

4.  A recent comprehensive medical study confirms that saturated fats are definitely linked to heart disease.

B.   Sixty years ago this week (Tuesday, to be precise), a legendary sports accomplishment occurred.  Can you name it? [Here are two hints: a) it was accomplished by an individual as opposed to a team, and b) the person was British.]

[hts: Carpe Diem;;]