Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Night and It's Quiz Time at OLS!

OK folks, here we go:

1.  Which of the following countries was ranked 1st in terms of amount of alcohol consumed per person in a recent report by the World Health Organization?
a.   The United Kingdom
b.   Germany
c.   Belarus
d.   Russia
e.   Greece

2.  Currently, it costs $473 dollars to rent a U-Haul from Houston to Chicago.  How much does it cost to rent the exact same vehicle from Chicago to Houston?
a.  $237
b.  $473
c.  $946
d.  $1892
e.  $2588

3.  T/F  According to Census Bureau data, during the period 2011-2014, the city of Houston had more housing unit starts than the entire state of California.

4. What famous restaurant opened its very first store 74 years ago today? (Hint: think of large numbers).