Monday, May 5, 2014

(Related update): Need a Reminder of Why Benghazi is So Important?

Related update:  Piggy-backing on the excellent NRO piece by McCarthy highlighted below, here's an excerpt from an IBD editorial that helps hammer home the importance of this scandal to President Asterisk's legacy:
To borrow a familiar phrase from Watergate, it is perfectly clear what lies at the heart of the Benghazi scandal: coordinating the lie that there was no terrorist attack to assure Obama's re-election.
Original post (5/3/14): Then read this superb National Review Online piece by Andrew McCarthy.  Here are two excerpts, the first serving as a reminder of why this scandal will not, and should not, go away:
Outnumbered and fighting off wave after jihadist wave, Americans were left to die in Benghazi while administration officials huddled, not to devise a rescue strategy, but to spin the election-year politics. The most powerful and capable armed forces in the history of the world idled, looking not to their commander-in-chief but to a State Department that busied itself writing press releases about phantom Islamophobia. The president of the United States, the only constitutional official responsible for responding, was nowhere to be found.
And here, McCarthy nails the MSM for its intentional, pathetic, ideologically-driven failure to investigate the debacle and provide the American public with a true accounting of what occurred and who was responsible:
If the president’s name were Bush or Reagan, we would long ago have had a minute-by-minute accounting of his every move. And if the incident involved some faraway American warrior’s slaying of a jihadist emir, we would long ago have had a Situation Room photo depicting Obama as maestro . . . with an accompanying soundtrack of classified leaks portraying his courage while others were under fire.