Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Related update 2): Bias in Academia: Liberals hating on black Republicans

Related update (5/7/14):   Several days ago Condi Rice, a thoughtful, considerate, and classy woman decided to decline Rutger's Commencement Speech invitation, citing the distraction it had caused across campus.  So, the pathetic liberal faculty and students who protested her invitation are going to claim victory.  But in this Washington Examiner article, Middle East expert Charles Hoskinson gives us some insight as to the kind of person the faculty leader of the protest is:
A Rutgers University professor and frequent critic of U.S. "empire" said Tuesday during an interview with the Russian government-supported propaganda channel Russia Today that a campaign against former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's appearance as a commencement speaker was "a stand on principle" because of Rice's support for the Iraq War and the "torture" of detained terrorism suspects.
Professor Deepa Kumar, who teaches journalism and media studies at the university's New Brunswick, N.J., campus, apparently missed the irony of celebrating her victory over "imperialism" with an appearance on the propaganda outlet of a government that recently invaded and seized the territory of a neighboring country which had formerly been part of its empire, in violation of a written agreement not to do so.
Related update (3/10/14): Psychotherapist and political commentator Michael Hurd has some excellent analysis about this episode and the liberal students and faculty's intolerance of the Rice invitation.  He explains their reactions at two levels: psychologically and philosophically, both of which make excellent sense.  Here's an excerpt to entice you to read this very valuable article in Capitalism Magazine:
Most likely, that rage springs from anxiety. When one hasn’t formed conclusions about which one feels rationally secure, it results in a sense of anxiety and feeling attacked that causes one to strike out — in rage, usually verbal — against those who dare to dissent in any way.
In this case, people who are black (or not black, but are pro-Obama) feel that — by definition — a fellow black person must feel the same way they do about matters of politics or ideology. The very existence of that fellow black person disagreeing with them shatters their mental world. “If a black person doesn’t agree with Obama, what does that say about my position?” This is the thought they cannot bear to face, so instead of facing it, they lash out in anger and attack.
Yep -- it's insecurity about their views that drives liberal rage.  There is much more of value in this article, and I highly recommend it.

Original post (3/7/14):  Faculty and students groups at Rutgers University have created a major news story this week by petitioning their administration to withdraw a Commencement Speaker invitation to Condoleezza Rice for, essentially, being a black Republican.  But as black, liberal political commentator Juan Williams points out in his scathing missive, it's not just liberal academicians that are blameworthy:
I am not a conservative but I have spoken out for years against the staggering amount blind hatred directed at black conservatives by liberals.
Liberals are shockingly quick to demean and dismiss brilliant black people like Rice, Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Professor Walter E. Williams and economist Thomas Sowell because they don’t fit into the role they have carved out for a black person in America.
Black Americans must be obedient liberals on all things or risk being called a race traitor or an Uncle Tom.
This is a really disgusting episode, and I can only hope that it continues to direct attention and shame at Rutgers University and the faculty and students responsible for such a blatant example of liberal, and racial, bias.

And let me just say this: Based on my intellectual and interpersonal experiences, it is my view that the typical  black Republican in the US has more personal courage than the average white  liberal can even conceive of.