Saturday, May 3, 2014

Regenerating Heart Muscle

A potentially important medical procedure involving stem cells has been reported in Nature, one of the premier research journals in the world.  The study...
...published this week in Nature points the way to a treatment that may one day make heart transplants obsolete. A team of researchers, led by pathologist Charles Murry of the University of Washington, injected human embryonic stem cells into the hearts of five pigtail macaques, a kind of monkey, and saw their hearts regrow lost muscle.
One of the really positive aspects of this study is that it involved macaques, a first for this type of stem cell application.  Scientists apparently have known that stem cell could regenerate heart tissue in rodents for a while, but since macaques hearts are much more similar to humans, these results point to the exciting possibility human application in the foreseeable future. [ht: Glenn Reynolds]