Thursday, May 8, 2014

Q & A With Benny Peiser

Who's Benny Peiser you ask? He's the brains behind the Global Warming Policy Foundation, an important organization that is also the source of much OLS posting on the environmentalism movement and its socialist agenda.  Recently, Peiser gave an interesting and informative interview to iAi News in which he expounded his views on a range of environmentally-related topics.  Here's a slice of one of is answers:
There's no threat to the earth, there's no global threat. We could be hit by a large asteroid, which hits every million years or so. So the likelihood is very remote. Even that wouldn't destroy the earth, it might destroy the global economy though. So the biggest realistic threat to an open and liberal society is irrationality and fanaticism. That is the biggest risk we face in my view. That is a political issue that can be solved long-term. War often results as a direct consequence of these extreme ideologies and fanaticism. Although even the number of wars has gone down significantly over the last few generations, globally, maybe because we have more democracies than ever before. That is still in my view the biggest risk we face.
As for "extreme ideologies and fanaticism" , well, battling against that is part of what we're all about here at OLS!