Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Time for More Liberal Intolerance!

Graduation time is upon us (my school bids adieu to the students next Thursday) which means that commencement speaker season is upon us which, in turn, means no libertarians or conservatives allowed.  I've posted on the huge liberal bias in commencement speaker political affiliation previously; here I offer an excerpt from a Fox News Op-Ed from Michael Goodwin who has some comments on a collection of recent examples of this form of liberal intolerance:
Spring madness on campus is marked this year by an epidemic of liberal intolerance. Protesting an invited speaker is one thing; demanding the invitation be withdrawn is quite another. 
But such is the closed mindset of radicals whose sensibilities are so tender that they cannot abide any ideas that do not conform to their own. Even worse are the spineless university officials who surrender to the tiny mobs. They are guilty of malpractice for teaching whiners that they can win by threatening to spoil graduation.